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Mighty Light Shine

Sharon Lev Ari
Holistic Mentor and Teacher


Mighty Light Shine

About Me

About me

Since I can remember, I loved to create, to express myself in creative ways.

Since I can remember, I felt the unspoken, felt and heard inside me,my own feelings and feelings of those around me. I saw energies, colors and different energetic beings. I knew deep mystical contents about other dimensions and spaces of consciousness.

Gradually as I grew up, I began to realize that my environment did not experience reality in the same way, and out of a desire to adjust myself, I suppressed these talents and parts within me.

When I was 14 years old, my mother began her spiritual journey, and with her help I embarked on a journey of finding ways to bring these parts into expression, realization and empowerment. Since then I have been in a constant process of enabling and agreeing to illuminate through me the divine light, the light which is the profound essence of all human beings and beings living on earth. A constant choice to learn, expand and develop.

I am an holistic psychotherapist who combines listening and awareness to the body, mind and spirit, with tools from energetic medicine, shamanic healing, touch therapy, movement, guided imagination, channeling, creative expression and more.

I have a diploma in Body Psychotherapy from Reidman International College, That is recognised by EABP - European Association for Body Psychotherapy.

I am an energetic, shamanic healer and a spiritual teacher. 

As a therapist, the focus of my attention is listening and observing. To be in a dialogue between emotional, mental and spiritual aspects expressed in our lives and relationships with the world around us: family members, friends, work relations, etc.. and in events that challenge us.

In my view, life reflections through our relationships are a mirror that reflects our consciousness and enables us to bring growth and change through the expansion of our observation and awareness.

In June 2015, I was initiated to be a ‘Light Language’ teacher, a shamanic knowledge from the Curanderos lineage, from Mexico, to be a channel of this wonderful knowledge and in service of light in the world.

Since then I have been developing knowledge, teaching and accompanying women in their life journey, with the intention of personal empowerment and connection to my soulful expression, which wants to live life to its fullest and realize its potential.

I am a mirror who reflect every man and woman their inner light, that seeks to shine and expand through them,

to be a Mighty Light Shine'.

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