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Deep Inner Journey Sessions

Deep Inner Journey Sessions 

With my studies as a body psychotherapist and an experience I have acquired in processes of awareness and personal development, I accompany people in their personal growth journey.


Mighty Light Shine - Holistic Healing’ is a path to empowering our personal connection to our higher essence, to strengthen the connection to the Divine light that seeks to be expressed through us.


Alignment with the soul, our ‘Blueprint’, which we have chosen and created for ourselves before our birth this lifetime.


Our soul is trying to contact us at all times, to remind us of the infinite possibilities available for us, to be in the presence of LIFE and Creation.


This is the journey I seek for myself: the process of search, growth, empower and heal. And this is the journey I invite you to.


When I accompany a personal journey, I combine all the tools I have gathered in my basket over the years, my knowledge and experience, in psychotherapy, movement, contact, healing, breathing techniques, shamanic and energetic healing, channeling, light language, art, creativity and more.

Holistic Massage and Healing

Holistic Massage and Healing Sessions

As part of my profound studies of body psychotherapy (a 5-year course) at Reidman College of Integrative Medicine, I received certification in touch therapy:

Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, massage for pregnant women and more.


Since then, I have gained extensive experience in touch therapy.

I do one-time sessions or a process of several sessions of touch therapy and deep tissue massage in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.


As the need arises in the therapy session, I combine energetic healing, guided imagination, breathing and awareness of how the body's load and stress are maintained.


Physical pain is often associated with physical / emotional / mental holding patterns. In therapy, we look at the holding and expression possibilities, to release this attachment, in order to alleviate physical symptoms and pains.

Channeling and Consulting

Channeling and Consulting Sessions

Ever since I was a child, I had an openness and an inner knowledge that was not mental, a profound knowledge, without words, that reality is not what it perceives. I saw color frequencies, I knew how to heal energetically, I knew and understood truths about the nature of reality and creation.

I loved creating and creativity and it’s connection to creation’s movement and transformation was clear and tangible.

As I grew up, I discovered that most of the community around me did not experience and felt reality as I experienced it. An ambivalent conflict between me and the world was born, a conflict that had accompanied my life for many years.

From a significant and profound process that I have undergone and with an amazing support of my partner and friends, a space of empowerment and consent has been opened in me, to allow my light channel to flow freely, more and more movement, more and more expansion. To be a channel of light, to allow infinite information to pass through.

I am a conduit of divine light, through which I connect to the person who seeks it and enables information, directions and messages to pass through me, in order to expand consciousness, healing and clarity.

Sometimes the information comes as physical sensations, specific words / poetry, certain images, etc.

A channeling session is a healing session. along with the channeling of  information undergoes energetic healing.

Light Language Grids

Light Language Grids sessions

Light Language is a shamanic knowledge of the Curanderos, a lineage of healers from Mexico. It is knowledge passed from generation to generation, from shaman to shaman, from the Mayan and Aztec tribes. Knowledge about the nature of reality on the energy level, built from the fabric of light frequencies in a variety of colors and sacred geometric shapes.

When combining the qualities of a geometric shape with a frequency of light in a particular color, a quality of realization is created. We create these webs within a Grid, an energetic map that supports and creates an energetic structure that magnetizes into it energy to create a new transformation and realization in the reality of our lives.


You can schedule a private/online session to create grid. At such a session, we discuss the essence and intention we want to put in the Grid and choose the appropriate grid for it.

Sometimes, during the encounter, a great clarity is created, which allows to reach the depth of the intention and the original reason, difficulty or challenge, and a new, more precise intention is found.


To learn more about Light Language, press here.

Singing and Drum Resonance Sessions

Singing and Drum Resonance Sessions

I had an inner call to create a drum. I felt the wind calling over and over again.. I held the skin in my hands and felt the prayer in my heart and the sacredness.

When I held the drum between my feet and sewed it up, I tied and stretched it. My body remembered. The blood flowed and steamed in my fingers and my hands danced the work with a deep knowledge that it was beyond linear time. My heart trembled and images of other times rose before me, other lifetimes in which I knew the earth and the spirits, the plants, creation and the great spirit above, and the drum was a member of the journey of life. The old Healer that I was, the dog that accompanied her, her tent, her wisdom and her heart, filled me and spoke to me in language and sounds that the brain could not translate. But every cell in my body woke up and ignited, understood every word, like a code that opened worlds inside me.

When the pulsation ceremony was completed, my drum 'Gaia' was born (a female energy drum).

I went home and ‘Gaia’ would not let me go, she called me and called me, until I gave myself to her and agreed to let her throb through me.

I held knocker and breathed ... and I was no longer myself. We were one, me and the wind, the movement and the beats of Mother Earth through us.

My throat opened and ancient sounds came out of it, from my womb, Powerful singing reverberated through space, I heard a powerful voice I did not know coming out of me and throbbing the walls of the room, echoes and vibrations of healing that I could not imagine passed through me ... like a volcano of creation hatching, flowing and reviving every cell in my body ..

When the journey was complete, tears of relief and gratitude flowed in me. As I understood in my mind that I had completed a circle of connection with the spirit and created a new-ancient companion to this life journey.

It is an intense session of energetic cleansing with the beatings of Gaia and the sounds vibrations, of spirit’s ancient songs through me. It is a therapy that brings the body-mind-emotional-spirit to initial unity and enables everything that does not serve us any more to fall out, it is like hitting a carpet and reverberating new life and nourishment to it.

Energetic DNA Healing

Energetic DNA Healing

In the same way that we have 12 physical DNA coils, including connections of millions of codes, which contain genetic information about building our physical qualities.

We have 12 energetic DNA coils with physical, energetic, emotional and mental qualities and characteristics. Each coil has different areas of influence and characteristics.


DNA healing is divided into two healing metodes:

1. DNA Healing session - It is a healing session to specific colis,in all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. DNA coils healing initialize., it is like a ‘Restart’ to the coil.

It can be a one-time session or several sessions process.


2. A DNA Map - This energetic map works on 15 family circuits, that is: parents, siblings, uncles, grandparents, etc.

The process of creating a DNA map for the first time is a 4 sessions process and consists of 2 stages:

Step One - Cleaning Map - with your participation  I write physical, emotional, mental and spiritual characteristics that you wish to release from your energetic DNA. This includes: diseases that you have or have had, diseases that you know exist in the family and you have not experienced them, mental illnesses, patterns of thought, traumas, conditioned emotional patterns and reactions, etc. After creating the map, there is an activation healing session.

- Cleaning map can be done once a year or once in a period that excites the need for cleaning.

Step Two - DNA Map - We select together a number of relevant factors / topics on all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. I create the map for you and then we activate it in a healing session.

DNA map takes 28 days to scrutinize . There are areas that are cleaned and released immediately and there are deeper things that are released after several DNA maps.

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