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Light Language

Light Language Sacred Geometry 

Light Language is an ancient knowledge of a healing lineage from Mexico called Curanderos (healers, healers, shamans).

This knowledge passed from generation to generation, from shaman to shaman, for about 24 generations, from the time of the Maya and Aztecs.

Star Fuentes, who is a powerful healer, a master and researcher of cultures and Shaman healing, who has learned all over the world, by shamans and masters for many years, received the knowledge from the former shaman, the "guardian of wisdom" of the ancient tribes, Esperanza Mercado (The meaning of her name is “market of hope).


Starr had lived with Esperanza for several years, "drank and ate" knowledge by "caught" learning, which is observing is by being in the presence of the teacher, the master, meeting aura to aura, energetic field to another, such as putting a "disk-on-key" to downloads information from a computer.


About 20 years ago, Starr received from Esperanza the task of spreading the knowledge around the world. Starr has invested a lot of work, a life-work, translating knowledge into books and information that will be accessible to us.


Light is an energy that can convert itself into electrical pulses, such as a bulb that converts energy from light to electricity and solar energy, which converts sunlight into electrical energy. Our brain is transformer, converter. Getting and transmitting. It transforms all our thoughts into electric pulses that affect us and are transmitted out of us. Every thought is translated into a transmission of light in a certain color and a certain geometric form that comes out of us into our aura, and through it is transmitted to existence. That's how we communicate ourselves on an energetic level. Aura touches aura and we feel, "know", understand our surroundings.


Right now, for most of us, this process is unconscious. It is done automatically and is often triggered by our own patterns and habits, automated thoughts.


Learning Light Language allows insight and choice. Learning and deepening the frequencies of light in different colors and the qualities of the geometrical shapes that create our reality. When combining the qualities of a geometric shape with a frequency of light of a certain color, a new quality of realization is created.


Beginning Light Language -  Level 1 - I call it "Start playing with colors and shapes" because it opens us to a new perception of reality and a conscious choice of who we are and the energy we produce within ourselves. It is a workshop that opens our light channel to Light Language. It is a powerful energetic healing. At this level we will be taught to the primary base of Light Language, learning 7 light frequencies in different colors and 7 geometric shapes. You learn to create an energetic map, grid, that “sits” in your aura, on your chakras poll, and creates energy change and synchronization. It invites your aura to be in awareness to your intentions and choices. We can create energy maps for ourselves and others, objects and spaces (house, room, office, etc.).

We can also emanate Light Language to another person's aura or a space, a room for healing.


Intermediate Light Language - Level 2 - I call it: "Motivate life processes," because at this level we are being educated to consciously create processes in our lives, creation in the physical space and in the conditions of time.

Every movement, process in our lives happens in the physical space and at a certain time. For example: pregnancy takes nine months, learning a profession takes it’s time, traveling from one place to another. This level allows us to introduce awareness, choice and intention to our life processes. At this level we learn:

7 additional geometrical shapes and 9 light frequencies in additional colors.

11 sets of physiological body systems, which are also self-healing scraps, such as: skeletal, blood, muscles, etc. Which will enable you to create specific healing for diseases and areas of consciousness that exist in our bodies.

11 stages, representing life areas, which are individual grids.

We will learn to create 49 colored shapes grids, to create conscious processes, to bring our desires, our goals, to realization.


Advanced Light Language - Level 3 - At this level, we are dealing with life lessons, our soul choices. We are learning to create infinite, timeless spiritual processes.

At this level we learn more than 80 geometric shapes and more than 144 light frequencies in different colors! We create 144 colors and shapes Grid.


What is a Grid?

Grid is an energetic map, that is a net, a web, a n energetic fabric. Conscious and intentional construction of an energy, like the map, that we create in order to direct and synchronize our energy, with the energy we seek for ourselves. Grid actually inserts into our energetic field new information, expressed in frequencies of sacred geometric shapes, in frequencies of colors in different shades. It's like putting "disk on key" on your computer and downloading new information, "update to our operating system". And allows us to create a new reality, different from what we have created to this day. Teaches us about our consciousness, our patterns and automatic habits, which create the reality we experience.

There are all kinds and structures of grids:

A personal grid is a 7-colored shapes grid that actually “sits” on our energetic spine, our chakras poll, it magnets and  synchronizes us with the energetic qualities we seek to bring in to our lives.

Grid 49 is a 49 colored sacred geometric shapes that work in time and space. It invites us to a certain process, to change, to movement from point A to point B. It is a grid for relationships, for intimate relationships, grid for higher monthly economic income, economic independence, grid for abundance, fertility grid, grid for healthy nervous system etc. The possibilities are endless. Which invites us to move in a particular path that we create and direct with our intention, changes can occur in all our levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual / energetic.

Grid 144 is a 144 colored sacred geometrical shapes that work over time. This is a timeless and infinite grid that exists at the soul level. It is a prayer to the divine light, to our source, to another soul lesson, to a new life experience, to a new life porpoise. This is a very  powerful healing.

For more details about scheduling sessions to create grids and Light language initiations , click here.

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